British Standard Rucksack First Aid Kit

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Multi-compartment trauma bag. Able to hold a large number of products. Can be used as a rucksack by using the shoulder straps or use the grab handles to carry normally. Reflective strips enables visibility. Kit contains 1 x Burn Dressing (100x100mm) 2 x BurnSoothe Sachets, 1 x Clothing Cutters, 2 x Conforming Bandage (75mmx4m) 6 x Dressing (120x120mm) 2 Dressing (180x180mm) 3 Eye pad dressings, 5 Eye pods, 1 500ml Eye wash, 3 x Finger Dressing, 2 x Foil Blankets, 1 x Guidance Leaflet, 2 x ICe Packs, 1 x Microporous tape ( 250mm x 5m), 9 x Nitrile Gloves (pair), 1 xResuscitation Face Shield, 12 x Safety Pins, 5 xSmall Clinical Waste Bags, 30 x Sterile Wipes, 3 x Triangular Bandages, 60 x Washproof Plasters (assorted)